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What Can You Learn From Horror Movies

Hello gang!

While I work on catching up on my podcast, I have been looking at the lessons we could be learning from all these movies.

As we view more and more movies, there will be more things we learn, but as we have taken the clown genre the beginning of the year, this is what you can learn.

  1. Don't ever trust a clown.

Clowns are never meant to be funny, but just creepy. You see a clown, just run the other way. There is no way someone can be that happy all the time, so don't get close because you will regret it.

2. Parent's need to be more aware of their kids.

I understand that in the town of Derry, Pennywise the clown had a big influence on the adults, but as for all those parents who didn't even bat an eye when their kids went missing, should really be more aware of their kids. We don't know who can be creeping in the dark, waiting for the right time. So, parents, and I say to me as well, we need to be more aware of where are kids are and keep them away from strangers, and clowns.

3. Think things through

Many of the character really just ran through without thinking clearing or thoroughly of what the outcome will be or could be, which creates more problems than solutions. If they would just take their time to think things through, they would be able to avoid so many issues and come to the resolution quicker. So, before we make a decision or act upon something, think it through thoroughly, and then make a clear decision.

4. Going to Therapy is fine

We have all gone through many different things in life that has really damaged us, emotionally and mentally. Instead of just pushing those feelings down and creating a barrier and unhealthy coping mechanisms, let's just take the time to go to a therapist and work them out so they no longer haunt us. This will allow you to be in control of your life and not have it control you.

And lastly,

5. Don't go towards the noise

What you will learn is that whenever you hear a noise, or someone calling your name and you can't immediately see the person or what is making the noise, run. Don't go and investigate, just run! You heard the phrase, curiosity killed the cat, well that is 100% true in horror films. So, the next time you are walking and hear someone call out your name and you look around and don't see anyone, run! If you are out somewhere and hear screams and you can't identify what or who is screaming, run! You will stay alive longer than those who have gone to investigate.

So, from one horror movie fanatic to all of y'all out there. Learn from these films and stay safe out there!

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