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We Must Fight!

My wife and I recently saw posts discussing child trafficking and viewed many videos of the organizations who are fighting such rings and everything that goes a long with it.

My wife was always aware of such things and kept telling me to be more attentive to the girls when they are outside, but I honestly thought it was a mother being overprotective.

I was somewhat aware of it, but here in the US you do not hear it as much because it is not the top news item, or it is hidden by those that are in power. However, my eyes were open wide to the reality of what is going on and I understood better why I needed to be more attentive.

I am not saying I am a horrible father, but if they wanted to play around the neighborhood, like not too far of course, it was fine without me needing to be outside. Of course, though, I have been outside always but never understood it until now.

The one thing that I cannot fathom at all is why would people do this? Why take innocent children and subject them to such heinous acts?! Why do they kill such souls that have not done any harm?!

My belief is of a greater power that works to destroy the goodness in the world and to bring it darkness and despair. He, the fallen angel, looks to make us feel miserable just like him. And I know he makes men/women damage such gentle souls for pride, for power, and to stop them from growing up and saving others they were destined to save, which doesn't need to be spiritually to convert to GOD, but saved in anyway (emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.).

And even though I know these things I still don't understand why they would do such a thing. As a father and a human being, I can not bring myself to want to hurt children, but these people do. And it bothers me a lot!

So, I think to myself, what can I do?!

This is just terrible, but there is a way to help.

Join me and many others on July 30th, 2020 for The World Day Against Trafficking!

Learn more about it by going to operation underground railroad

Let us work together to stop this!

They need us!

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