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The Struggle of Coming Back

I will for warn you all that even though I have spoken about it and have been determined to change, I will always repeat myself. Why? Because there comes a time that I fall into my dark thoughts again or my anxiety kicks in at an all-time high, and my motivation drops into an all-time low.

This causes me to have to get motivated again and even get out of my own head to do something productive daily. So, I repeat myself cause the process begins when I fall back.

However, I promised you all a detail of my first day back to the gym, so I will deliver.

First and foremost, I can't state that this effort was my effort alone. We had a visit from my wife's family members who stayed at our home. The young adults would take time daily to go to the gym to maintain their healthy lifestyle. They would ask me if I wanted to go, but I always added an excuse as to why I couldn't attend that day.

Well, after losing every battle inside of me, I decided to finally get up. I took the chance to go Thursday, February 6th. And even though all the same excuses were coming up, my wife finally gave me the last push to go and work on me.

See, if I didn't have this type of help, getting out of my darkness, to me at least, seems near impossible. But, because they made me feel that even though I had lost many times, it was okay to get up, and gave me enough motivation to act.

Normally, when I return to the gym, I do an intensive work out that I end out exhausted and at a point push my body so much that I end up throwing up. That's how I back then thought would be a good strategy to come back.

However, this time was different. I wanted to be consistent. I wanted to create a healthy habit and lifestyle. And I knew that if I wanted to achieve this goal, I would need to take it slow. So, that is what I did.

The workout was still challenging, but enough for me to be motivated to come back. And that is how I will be focusing my return. I was glad I went, and it reminded me how good it feels to workout.

I will be posting my workout experiences every I go. So, look forward to constant post.

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