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The Road Less Traveled

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Everyone knows, or at least should have heard once, the phrase from a famous poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, which stated "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

I recall reading and hearing that poem in High School, but never took any time to understand its meaning. Now, I won't be diving in deep to this poem, I just wanted to illustrate the dream I recently had.

As my previous posts have shown, I have been on the road to becoming a healthier, stronger, and better me. Of course, bumps and deviations occur, but one step forward is better than not moving at all.

Now to tell you about my dream: I woke up in a forest, one I didn't recognize it. I looked around and could not figure out which direction to take. I just started to walk hoping I could find a clue as to which direction would lead me correctly. I then came upon a path, unaware of where it would lead me I decided to follow the path.

I was feeling quite confident that the path would lead me to something, I wasn't sure what yet, but I felt it was going to be something great. Until I got to a crossroad. The path divided into two, and not sure which one to take. I just started taking whichever path I thought was right. Each path taking me somewhere new, some that seemed dark and unsettling and others full of light and hope.

As I continued down the path, believing I was soon arriving to my destination, a dark and thick fog covered the whole forest. Feeling unsure and desperate, I start to run through any path and any direction, all to just locate the correct path, but that strategy only got me lost and further away.

Exhausted and unmotivated, I sat down, ready to give up, accepting my defeat. Suddenly, up the path, I hear a voice, a small, gentle voice. At first, I didn't hear what was said, until the second time. "Papi" said the voice again. I got up, and started heading toward the voice. Again, "Papi, where are you?" I picked up the pace and answered, "I'm here". "Papi, where are you?", I ran faster on the path until I got to the top of a hill, and to my surprise and much joy, I saw my daughter Chloe.

When I arrived she hugged me and told me, "I found you Papi!" "Yes, yes you did find Papi". Tears filled my eyes as I held her and realized why I got lost. I had forgotten the reason why I was on the path. I was finding my way back to my family. My wife appeared and I felt motivated and confident again. The fog disappeared and it all seemed clear, and I knew which path to take.

This dreamed occurred a couple of weeks ago and it really impacted me a lot. I will always choose the path less traveled, because that is the path that will make the whole difference.

#journey #courage #motivation

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