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The Real Me

Hi Everyone!

The last 3 months of 2020 was sure brutal on my family and me. After 6 years and a half at a company, I was laid off. And dealing with that sure was a lot to handle. Especially being an adult and having a family.

If I had no family, losing my job wouldn't have been as stressful because no one depended on me, so I could take time and see what my next path would be.

But since I had little ones depending on me to provide them food and shelter, I had to think on my feet, put myself out there and find my next path.

It was a challenge, but it helped me realize that I had been trying to be someone else.

If you noticed on my previous blogs and even on my YouTube channel I really was trying too hard to be proper or to be someone else. I could see how firm I was when I spoke as I tried to articulate my words, or even how I wrote to sound more proper rather than depicting the picture.

These were all parts of me, but not the full me.

So, starting this new year I have rebranded myself to be Gio (me).

Nanni is a part of me that is neurotic and full of self-doubt, self-hate, and low self-esteem. While Gio is the inner, most authentic, me who is not afraid to try new things, confident, self-loving, in tune with my emotions, caring, charismatic, and at times a bit ballsy.

I know that sometimes I can come off to be super sarcastic and offensive, which is still a work in progress, but I enjoy life and look to bring joy to all those around me.

Here is to a new year, a self-cherishing and loving year.

A year to be Me.

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