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The Movie/TV Show Must Have

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hi All!

This week I wanted to provide some insight about one of the things I enjoy to do and will soon be discussing on Nanni's Corner (Nanni's Thoughts (YouTube Channel)).

One of the things I enjoy to do is watch movies and TV shows. All kinds of genres, no discriminating or judging a book by its cover.

Some that know me, probably know the part of me that did judge a book by its cover when it came to TV shows (Friends for example) or movies, but for many years my viewpoint has changed to provide a more unbiased view at all genres.

When you ask what makes a movie or tv show great, many will say that the direction (director), the story (script), and even the acting (cast) make a movie or tv show stand out amongst those of the same genre or in the industry itself. Although all those things do make a TV show or movie worthwhile to watch, there is one thing that a movie or show must have that is way more important than the story (script) or the acting (cast) but is as important as the direction (director).

What is that one thing?

The Musical Score and Soundtrack.

The musical score is the music written for an orchestra and a soundtrack are the songs that have been placed in each scene.

Perfectly chosen by the sound supervisors of the film to provide the right song or orchestral score to make each scene stand out.

As I have explained in my post "Music is Vital to My Life", music connects to ones emotion to help you heal, feel happy, feel sad, and to feel like the singer or song understands your current situation.

Most to all our decisions are based on emotions and logic, but mainly on how we feel. So, by having the right music wakes up your emotions and allows you to connect with the main character(s) and their emotions.

There are many times I can recall empathizing with characters because the musical score made me feel the same pain that the character was going through and the many times I cried with them as the song illustrated and described the emotions that was occurring in the scene.

It is the one thing that makes you remember the movie/show, the scenes, the characters and the story. It is what makes you say or determine which movie/show is your favorite. The music connected to your emotions for you to never forget it or even have it as a comfort movie to watch when you are feeling down.

You ask, why is this important to me?

Just understand, your favorite movie/show, comes from not only the story (script) or direction (director), but also and most importantly from the soundtrack and musical score.

So, next time you are watching your favorite show/movie, or a new one, pay close attention to the music and how it makes you feel. You will realize that it was the one thing that made you feel connected to the story and its characters.

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