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The Morning of Hope

I must get home before it gets dark! He thought as he started walking through the woods. The sky was radiating a bright orange glow with a pink color reflecting the clouds, as the sun was beginning to set.

The wanderer was now panicking as his cool off walk had led him to a direction that was not familiar to him. He always marked the trees, but this time he was so lost in his own mind that he forgot to mark them.

Which direction did I come from? Where is the nearest road? What will happen if I remain in the woods? All these thoughts crossed his head as he passed tree upon tree upon tree upon tree. Still no road in sight, no sounds of vehicles passing by, and no flashlight to see once the sun disappeared.

He left his home in such a rush he forgot to take his phone.

He walked faster. Maybe I should run? he thought. No, I could hurt myself. Just keep to steady fast paces.

The first stars were already appearing in the evening night sky. Scared to go any further, he just stopped.

He crept next to a big pine tree with lots of branches to cover him from a skies view. He sat down and knew he would have to spend the night alone in the woods.

The last glimpse of sunlight slowly vanished behind the west mountain and soon the sky was full of millions of shining stars.

The air was stunningly cold, with a swift autumn breeze. The sound of the night animals started to increase as the day was completely taken over by the night.

He sat there in a fetal position to keep himself warm, wondering if it would be his last night of life.

He thought back to when he was just a boy, when he was so innocent, and life was so simple. To when he would play outside without having to worry about anything. No responsibilities, no regrets.

He thought about who he was and who he had become, feeling like who he had become was someone he didn't recognize.

Suddenly, a branch snapping is heard nearby. He holds his breath and listens as he hears footsteps coming closer....and closer....and closer...and closer.

Thinking it is his final moment, he kneels and hollers to the sky. Not an animal holler or a yelping of sorts, but he speaks to a being he had forgotten about.

He tells him he knows he has strayed, and that he put trust more in the arms of man than on Him. He misses who he was and is sorry for who he has become. He wishes he could go back to change it all. To stay stay strong.

He knows he is not ready to meet his maker, but if it was his time, if it were what was planned for him, he would accept his fate.

The footsteps became louder and louder, coming closer and closer.

He lastly said, "please forgive me Lord for being prideful and abandoning you. I knew not of what I was doing. Please...let me make it right!"

The footsteps got closer and closer. They were now, right behind him. He didn't know what animal it was, but it was not scared.

He stood up...slowly turned around...and....

Bam! Hops a rabbit.

He jumps and screams as he is startled by this furry, curious creature.

He starts to sob and cry profoundly as he lets his emotions take over and his guilt, his regret, his sorrow, his anger, his pain, his embarrassment, his disappointment all comes rushing out.

He cries because he was tired of being someone else. He cries because he is exhausted of fronting that he is okay. He cries because he was done with living.

As he sat there crying, the bunny just stared at him funny, wondering to itself, why does this giant cry? He hopped slowly to him. Taps his shoulder and when he turns to look at him, jumps on his chests and hugs him tight!

He cried even louder and harder as he had not felt such love and kindness in a long time. They stayed like that for the whole night, the bunny keeping him warm.

The morning light was starting to appear behind them, and the bunny knew it was his time to go. He gave him one last big hug and hopped on his way. Before he completely disappeared, he stared back at the man and gave him nice gentle nod.

The man looked at him and knew what that meant.

The valley was starting to be covered by the morning sunrise and the man stood up and thought of his experience.

He had forgotten about God, but God never forgot about him. He sent his creature to show that even in the darkest of nights, he is never alone.

He started to walk down and found the road he had come up from the day prior. He knew he was given a chance to change. He was given a chance to make amends. He was given a chance to be himself.

For the first time in a long time, on that crisp beautiful morning, he had hope.

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