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Surviving 2020

Hi All!

I am working on being more consistent with my YouTube channel and my blog and I have decided that to do that I will focus on specific days that I will post.

For my blog, I will focus on Monday's so you can start your week with insight, update, or just a good read (hopefully you consider it good).

Thursdays will be for Nanni's Corner (Vlog) and lastly Friday for Nanni's Singing Hour. So, please if you haven't subscribed yet to my channel go ahead and do it as I am striving for all these platforms to expand.

Now, back to matter I intended for this day, how are we surviving this year.

I don't have to repeat how this year has been one for the books as it has been the craziest of years so far. I am 29 years old and I cannot remember a more hectic year than this one.

Quarantined since March, at least here in the US (I know others have been even longer) and each day has its own craziness.

So, how are we (the Saavedra 4) surviving this year?

We are not!


I don't want to seem like we got it right and we are perfect at dealing with chaos because those that appear, they are dealing perfectly with this are lying to themselves.

I wanted to come in here and appear that I can give you counsel how we are keeping sane during this pandemic, but I cannot because it has been very crazy!

We have taken this day by day and looked at things we can do around our house.

We cleared the ground from weeds and created our garden, which with a lot of work and consistency, has been giving us good veggies.

We painted the upstairs, got some new decorations or lovely items to give the home character. Of course, all from online shopping and following safety procedures before entering our home.

We built a playground for our girls to enjoy the back yard fully during this stay at home part of the year.

I built a fire pit to enjoy the night sky on occasions. Which we love!

Lastly, we did go camping for 3 weekends consecutively to get away from the city and keep our distance from others. Spent time with family members and enjoyed the time out of the house.

These are a few things that we tried to do to keep us sane, but we have also had rough days, days I need a full break from my lovely daughters, and others where I want to be with them all day.

But it doesn't matter how hard it has been, it has been a blessing being with my family during this time and being able to learn and grow together. Especially learning how to react to an earthquake, which we had in Utah.

So, just leave here with one thing. I am not expecting you to follow what we did, but know

that whatever you are doing, it is fine! You don't have to be perfect! You don't have to have your shit together! Just take it one day at a time.

Enjoy this week!

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