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Still Uncomfortable!

Hey everyone!

Just keeping you updated. My wife is out of the hospital and recovering well.

I thank you for all that prayed and showered her and us with love and care. It really made this procedure and time feel less scary.

However, I spent the night at the hospital (like if we just had a new born) and I can tell you one thing, it was still uncomfortable!

I don't mean awkward and unwelcoming because the nurses were so lovely and helpful, but I mean the bed they had was just terrible.

Even without them interrupting us so often as they do when a baby is involved, it still was a long night.

Now, that was me being uncomfortable, I cannot imagine my wife who was recently out of surgery and having to be on the hospital bed.

All I know is that we both agreed that those beds make your back hurt like if you were an elderly person (not that all elderly people have back issues), but, you know what I mean.

Invitation: Don't stay the night at a hospital!

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