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Speak Good About Yourself Always

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my input about something I noticed during these past weeks as I have been interviewing for a new job.

What is that input?

While interviewing I noticed that I would speak very highly of myself and point out my qualities as well as my good features. Every interview would be filled with a high praise for my skills and why I would be a perfect fit for the specific company.

Of course, once the call ended, I would tell myself all the mistakes I had made and would beat myself up for the things I said as well.

But it got me thinking how, if we were to speak about ourselves to ourselves everyday like we were interviewing then our mentality would change.

I know though, that it is not as easy to speak well about yourself because we see our flaws

and put them on blast for us, but! If we were to take just one minute and tell ourselves why we think we deserve to have a good day and talk about our good qualities; our self-esteem would increase.

So, here is the challenge for you all. Take one minute a day and talk to yourself as if you were interviewing yourself as to why you deserve to be you. It may feel funny at first but do it and then come back here and let me know what your experience was. I will do the same.

What is the main goal?

That we stop focusing on all our flaws and we start seeing our worth every day!

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