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Sometimes Goodbye is not Enough

Hi Everyone!

If you have been following me on my other social media accounts (IG, TikTok, Twitter, & FB) you would know what has occurred these past two weeks. If you have not, then first, go follow and second, I will fill you in.

These past two weeks tragedy struck my wife's family with the loss of 4 beloved family members. Many may know how it feels to lose one family member, or maybe others, but not likely within a 10-day period.

However, this was not the case for my wife and her family.

It all came at once. Honestly within a few days from each other.

Her tia abuela (grandfather's sister) died first. Followed by her tia, 2 days later, who after fighting for many years finally succumbed to the cancer. 3 days later her grandfather, fell super ill and was rushed to the hospital. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, he died.

During all this, her cousin (son of the tia who had cancer), who was more like a brother to them, had fallen ill as well and had to be intubated so his oxygen level can return to normal. Intubated and in a coma, his mother and grandfather died.

As we worked around the clock to make sure his condition improved, calling anyone we could to help him receive the best care ever, fasting and praying...sadly on September 3rd, 2020, he too was taken to the afterlife.

I remember seeing my wife saddened by her grandmother's (father's mother) passing, and it was hard to comfort her since I had not experienced a death of a loved one. The pain was hard to bear as she was not able to be there for her last days.

This time it was even worse. It was like a train with 18 cars had slammed on her directly. At least that is how I could describe it from my point of view. I know her pain is even deeper than that.

I have been doing my best to be there for her and empathize as much as I can. It is hard to lose someone, let alone 4 valuable people within a very short period.

All she has is Thanksgiving of 2019. The last time she saw them, the last time she held them close, the last time she laughed with them, the last time she was there.

I have not gone through this myself; my family is still alive. I do not say this to gloat, but I say it to explain I have been doing the best I can to empathize.

All I know is that what hurts her the most is that she could not do more. She could not be there for them... she was not able to finish the story. Create more memories and live the rest of their lives growing old and watching all the family grow.

I am not sure how I will react when it happens. I have my many dark theories and scenarios played out in my head because that is what an Aries does, but it will be different once it becomes a reality.

I just want to make sure that when it happens, I hope the story is finished.

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