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Small Accomplishments!

Hi Everyone!

My Saturday was sure jam packed with errands in the morning.

I had to get my tire fixed since it was low in air, not the first time it has happened. Luckily it was a simple patch.

I had to return some clothes because the size I got was not my fit. Also, return my Xfinity stuff to wash my hands of them forever.

I did some bank stuff and in turn passed by Costco to get stuff we needed. As a side note - never go to Costco on a Saturday! Ha

Even though It took me close to 4 hours to complete my errands today, I got them all done and even set my week up with things I can accomplish.

For many, this probably is nothing to brag about, but to me these small accomplishments really make me feel good.

Im just glad im resting now at home.

Invitation: Be proud of the small accomplishments! They really make a difference!

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