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Scrubs! Best Show Ever!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This post is long overdue. I postponed it for a year and the time has come, mainly because I miss watching this show.

Last year, Netflix decided to remove Scrubs a week before finals! The show I used to watch to keep me calm during a stressful time and that I periodically watched 2 to 3 times a year! Gone!

My stress level kicked in on high gear and ever since then, I have not been able to reach a Zen in my life.

You all may think that is ridiculous, but when I lost my iPad mini that had all the music organized perfectly with all the album pictures (after much work to get them all) and in the right playlist, I lost myself for many months. Give it, that can sound exaggerating, but music and shows like Scrubs, were the one thing that kept me and continues to keep me relaxed when all around me feels like chaos.

So, why do I consider Scrubs to be the best show ever to exist in the planet? Here are my top 3 reasons. (though I have a full list as to why, I will keep it to these main 3)

1. Characters You Can Relate

In my previous post "Schmidt: Example of Goal Oriented" I explain how when watching a new show or any, I look to find a connection with the characters and see if I can relate to them. Not only can I relate to each character in Scrubs, but also can pinpoint who around my life has a feature or relates to one or more of the characters.

I will use myself and some of my family as an example.

First off, I am JD and Turk combined. JD with all his imagination, quirkiness and struggle to mature. Turk for his attitude and especially the way he is while courting Carla and then once dating and married.

My lovely wife has the characteristics of Carla and Elliot. She is lovely and has her quirkiness like Elliot, but is a strong, independent and beautiful Latina, who is proud of her heritage.

Though we are different, she keeps me grounded to what is reality compared to fantasy and challenges me to be better like Carla did with Turk. Together we are an unstoppable couple that can get through any obstacle.

My sister, though she may seem tough as nails, like Dr. Cox, she also has good intentions and always proves to have a good side, even if you don't see it at the time.

And I can keep going, but you get my point. These characters resemble normal people and when watching the show, you can relate to them and receive answers to questions you never thought you had, but I’ll discuss that when I get to that point.

2. Insights You Can Apply

What I enjoy of this series is that it has a great continuation, meaning, it follows all the characters throughout the years. All their disappointments, their triumphs, their losses, their happiness, and their full-on trials. And to me it is like looking through my own life and all its trials and successes.

Each episode brings forth new insight to your life and can even apply to your own struggles to get out of them or to endure a little longer. I have watched Scrubs countless times, and every time I have come out with a new insight or an insight that didn't apply at the time, now applies and I can use it in my own predicament.

All the episodes have ways to help you in any situation. When Carla and Turk are separated due to marital issues and how they overcome the obstacles and become an even stronger couple. Or when Michael J. Fox visits and describes how we all have burdens, but he wasn't going to be the one who just plants it on someone else. And many more insights.

All I say is that you can always take something out of each episode.

3. Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Had.

Taking from the incites, while you watch each episode you can realize that you just received an answer to a question you never thought you had. whether that answer brings you peace and comfort or maybe more uncertainty, it all depends on how you perceive it.

As for me, it just brought me closure to concerns I've had my whole life. These questions were answered in various episodes, but these episodes really gave me a new light.

In season 1 episode 4 "My Old Lady" taught me to confront my fear of death. Even though in my depression I had attempted many times, I never realized how afraid I was of death until JD admitted he was afraid. I still am afraid of death, but have embraced it as just a next step, a new beginning.

Season 3 episode 14 "My Screw Up" gave me a point of view that follows my fear of death. How will I react when one of my loved ones passes away? Of course, you can never predict how you will react or prepare for such occasions but knowing myself and how attached I am to those I cherish, that response won't take effect until it happens.

Season 8 episode 19 "My Finale, Part 2" Change is a constant topic throughout the show and this being the finale of the whole series (because season 9 doesn't count) it gave me the courage to be okay with change, even though it may seem scary or uncertain, you had control to make it what you wanted it to be.

That answer lead me to fight for my wife, to work hard in school and work to progress in life and even to work on a wonderful future for my family.

Like I said, all the episodes have answers to your questions that can make an impact in your life, like it has on mine.

There are many other reasons why I know that Scrubs is the best TV show ever, but these are my top 3 reasons. It doesn't matter how many times I have watched this show, it will always make me laugh and cry.

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