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Schmidt: Example of Goal Oriented

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I recently got hooked on to the show New Girl.

I started watching the show merely because it had Zooey Deschanel (one of my Hollywood crushes), but stayed for the great story-line and amazing cast chemistry, which makes each episode entertaining.

Now, when I watch new shows, the main thing I look at is if I can relate to the characters, or if there is something that I can empathize with to keep me interested. Some shows start off well just because the stories are interesting(criminal minds as an example), but it becomes hard to complete all the seasons when I cannot connect with the characters.

Luckily, I have similar characteristics that I can relate with from each character, Jess, Winston, Nick, Coach, Cece, and even Schmidt. However, I noticed that Schmidt has one characteristic, I desire to improve.

Which characteristic is that?

Goal Oriented

Goal oriented is defined as a person or team that works hard to achieve good results in the tasks that they have been given.(Cambridge English Dictionary)

In the show, at first you view Schmidt to be quite arrogant, prideful, funny, and at times a douche. But as the episodes continue, you get to understand his past, and the reason why he acts in such manner. You also see his dedication to achieve the goals he has set for himself and the maturity it requires to do so. I have three examples of how he shows it.

3. Occupation

Though his work seems quite challenging, not only because it is marketing, a very competitive field, but also because he is the only male in an office full of woman, in which he constantly strives to be noticed.

Putting his best effort, he sets his goals on which account he wants to do and with a lot of sacrifice, ass kissing, consistency, and sometimes help of his roommates, he achieves getting the work he desires.

2. Health

Though naturally hilarious, at the beginning of the show, he would say or do things that came out douchey. His roommates made him put money in a douchebag jar every time he would do or say anything douchey. Many could think, well he's just a douche, but when you look at his upbringing, you realize, that he has a reason to be a douche, to an extent.

He explains throughout the show that he was obese his whole life. Receiving constant bullying and rejection, made him an introvert person.

However, when he moved to LA, he decided to get in shape and didn't quit until he had reached his desired goal.

Of course, this extreme weight loss make over, boosts confidence like no other.

Confidence decreases rejection and you become proud of your achievement, becoming a bit arrogant and prideful. Which can in turn create a douchey attitude.

How do I know? I was there once. Life has then added more to my plate so I let myself go, but doesn't mean I have quit.

But, in this case, he set a goal to become healthy and didn't stop until he achieved it.

1. Love

After losing all his weight, he became quite a ladies man. Only hooking up and never calling back. You would think he would never find true love with that kind of lifestyle, until he meets Jess's model friend Cece.

He finally found the love he was looking for, and of course, being the guy he was, he made a douchey promise, holding a $5 bill in his hand(to put in the douchebag jar), he tells Cece, "Girl, i'm gonna marry you".

They did end up dating, but went through some rough patches. Breaking up the first time, Cece almost getting married. Then they get back together, only to have Schmidt ruin things because he was dating Cece and another girl at the same time.

He never stopped being in love with Cece, but after all that he did, he didn't think he would have a shot with her again. Until the tables turn and Cece realized she was in love with Schmidt and wanted to be together.

Long story short, they finally get back together and get engaged. Maturing throughout the years and with the help of their friends, they finally get married.

Again, achieving his goal of marrying that girl.

Of the three listed, I have achieved, or almost achieved two of them. I got the girl of my dreams and I am close to graduating and working hard to get what I desire in my occupation.

The one I struggle to improve is being healthy. I lack determination to find time to work out. "Time" is always my excuse, but being a goal oriented man, I have decided to finally sit down and set goals with plans by this Sunday, September 16, 2019.

These goals will not be shared as I believe, I must prove to myself I will do anything to achieve the goals I set. I will share them in due time.

But to me, Schmidt is a great example of a man who is goal oriented and dedicated to achieve whatever he sets his mind to.

Disclosure: I highly recommend watching New Girl! lol

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