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Hi All!

At my new job there is this constant talk about progression. You can progress in your abilities and even improve your qualities.

Their concept applies not only for work, but also in multiple aspects as well. We are constantly progressing, even without noticing. As I have previously discussed, when you focus on the things you have and are grateful of it all, you will notice that within a year you have taken steps forwards without much effort.

Be that as it may, if you don't measure it, then there is no progress or improvement. If you want to improve you must first place a scale in which it will be measured.

Coming to a new year, many people will start to make resolutions. We all know the craziness at a gym in the beginning of the year of those who have set a resolution to become healthier. But that craziness dies out after a month or two. Why? Mainly because they are missing one thing.

The One thing they miss is that they list what they want achieved, but not how and when.

The two vital concepts of setting goals to be measured is how you will achieve it (action) and when you want it achieved (specific date).

Without those, you create a to-do list, easily forgettable and completed after one attempt, rather than a goal.

Now, I am not here to lecture you or explain on how to do it correctly. If that is what you want, comment on this post and I will make another more thorough post about the correct way of setting goals.

I am only here to say that as you are all working on improvement this coming year, as I am, take the time to write down what it is you want to improve and make sure you make it reachable (enough time, a good reason why, and non-stress consistent action).

But also, as you look into wanting to achieve more, remember to add time for yourself. Time that you can do what you love; and time to cherish the most valuable relationship you can have in your life...the relationship with yourself.

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