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Prepare to Fight

Chapter 1

Was it real? I thought as I sat on my bed contemplating what had just happened. Earlier today I was just chillin’ with my friend, inhaling computer cleaner, and the next I was inspecting my life. But, the vision was so clear.

While in trance, in what will be my last inhale, I was taken to a void. A dark and lonely void. As I floated for what seemed like years, three worlds appeared in front of me. The top world glowed as bright as the sun, the second world as bright as the moon, and the 3rd was very dim as if it was a light far away that had quite resemblance to a star.

As I stared at each one, I knew what they were. Growing up in a Christian background I was taught multiple times how life after death would be.

The first world shined as bright as the son. The second world was as bright as a full moon at night. But the third, shone like a very distant star, some shimmer but still surrounded by darkness.

I started to panic and didn’t know what this was all about. Until all three worlds disappeared and I was just left in utter darkness. A voice came to me saying, “this is your fate if you remain on the path you are on. Is that what you desire?”

Immediately I woke up. Got up and went outside.

“Are you okay bro?” asked my friend.

“I’m okay. Just needed some fresh air”

I sat down and thought to myself, “was that a sign from God? Was he trying to scare me by showing my future as it is displayed in the movie “A Christmas Carol?” Why now though?

He never really needed me before, what could he need now? I was not a muscular fit boy. I was plump like a pumpkin. Round face, round body, no muscle tone and out of shape. I was not bringing anything to the table.

I bid farewell to my friend and took a drive to my favorite spot. Right under the big "B" which stood for the city of Bountiful. The view there was so marvelous. You could see the whole city and all the street lights glimmering as the sun sets. The Bountiful Temple turns on their lights to show all those that even in darkness light prevails.

I sat there reflecting on my life's choices, and how it had led me to where I was now. Sitting on the roof of the car, my eyes started hurting, but not like a migraine, but rather like my glasses were malfunctioning.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them up again, I saw 3 creatures right next to me. These beasts were around 6 feet and 3 inches, built like if all they did was spend their time in the gym. Their nails looked sharp like a panther's claw and they growled like they were always angry.

How come I never saw them before? I slowly glanced at one of them and they realized I could see them. One of them quickly grabbed me and tossed me back. Flying through the air, passing the car, and slamming right onto the ground. I laid there in pain and shock. What was happening? I stood up and put my fists up ready to defend myself, but they were too quick. I blocked the hit to my face, but missed the kick to my chest. I got back up and blocked the kick, but missed the two punches to my face and the slide kick that launched me hard on my back.

As I laid there catching my breath, the leader of the group, kneeled down next to me and with a deep demonic voice said, "You really thought you were strong enough to take us on? You are weak and pathetic! You will never be strong enough to defeat us! We made sure of that!" All three chuckled, as I laid there in fear and disbelief. I just closed my eyes and whispered "leave me alone!"

When I opened my eyes again, they were gone like they had vanished into thin air. I was not sure if they were still there or if they could come back. I was still on the ground, and felt the pain as if I was in a real fight, but I couldn't grasp the fact that it actually happened. Why can't I see them anymore? And why are they with me?

I rose up from the ground and dusted myself off. I walked slowly to my car as I was still in pain from the "imaginary" fight I had just experienced. I got in my car and I drove back home.

Still sitting on my bed, the words of this creature or demon resonated in my ear... "You will never be strong enough to defeat us!" Never? Never?! That felt like a challenge. An impossible challenge. Who was I kidding, how would I be able to beat them if my decisions led me to be weak...I was not strong, nor did I believe I could be strong.

All this thinking is just making me more sleepy. I just need a good night's sleep, that should help me wrap my head around what just happened and what could be next.

As I fell asleep, I started dreaming and seeing glimpses of battles. Each battle that I saw would portray a different time period. The battles were very gruesome and heart wrenching and I just wanted to wake up. No matter how hard I tried I was not able to wake up and I just sat there viewing these gruesome fights between the demons that had just kicked my ass and warriors who shined so bright that their armor resembled the phrase "Knights in shining armor"

Astonished by what I was seeing, I finally asked, "What do you want me to do?" A soft and subtle voice exclaimed to me "Behold! These battles have been taking place since the beginning of man. I have personally selected warriors for each period to fight and protect themselves and the people from danger. Each warrior fought valiantly to protect and save my people, but as time passed the people would betray them. They would let the demons weaken them and soon the warrior would have to battle the demons and the people, and many were defeated. Though the people become weak, they can always return and be strong, so long as they follow what my warriors tell them.

Each period comes with their own difficulties, but I make sure to choose the one that is humble and meek, but is also ready to fight and protect those who need protecting. These are my choice warriors!

Even though you were weak and chose a different path, you have always had a caring heart. You have always looked to protect those who needed to be protected because you didn't want someone feeling like you did. Your humility and meekness has always been something I treasure.

Prepare yourself for I have chosen you to be one of my warriors in this new day and age. You have much to learn and have not yet reached your full potential. It is time to believe in yourself, like I believe in you. Trust me and know you will save many from the grasp of those demons. Remain steadfast, for as you wake, your eyes will remain open, and the battle will commence."

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