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Our Yellowstone Adventure

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Last week I did not post because we were on our first family weeklong camping trip.

I have been married for 6 and a half years and have been a father for 5 years and so far, had never attempted a weeklong camping trip.

We have been camping throughout our marriage and since my oldest was 3 months old. But those trips lasted 3 days, 2 nights, the longest. And we had most of my family there so our load of taking things was lessened as everyone had their camping kits in use.

However, this time it was just going to be us and my mother in law and boy, was it a lot of stress but fun.

Stress because we had to pack everything, for a whole week in our car. Also, make sure we did not miss anything. It was quite challenging, but luckily my skill of Tetris came in handy as I packed the car perfectly for our long haul.

Stress because I was going with a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old who are strong willed, and adventurous little girls. Keeping an eye on them was not the easiest task.

However, it was fun, because this was my first time since I was a little boy (7 years old) since I had been to Yellowstone so I was stoked to see and admire the beauty the national park provides. And to give my girls, wife, and mother in law a new place that they have never been and to show them the wonders of camping for longer than 3 days.

We saw many things during our trip. Loads and loads of Bison. One that walked by our car. Moose crossing the river, deer’s, and even got the chance to make it to the Grand Teton national park where we finally saw a momma bear with her 3 cubs.

It was really a great experience, but I did finally realize the work it does take to have these types of trips. All the prepping and preparing of food and making sure everything was put back in the car so no animals would visit our campsite at night. It was quite exhausting, but a wonderful experience.

So, now you are all saying, well this was a waste of time, no tips no advice, just your experience of your trip.

Here is my advice.

To all you parents that are going with kids under the age of 10, what I can tell you is...

Enjoy every moment. Your kids are going to experience something new and want to explore

everything about it. They will get dirty; they will get messy and fall and want to touch everything. Let them! Except animals of course! but let them enjoy God's wonderful gift!

The clothes can be washed, they can be cleaned through a bath, but the moments made, will be priceless!

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