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Our Love Story

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

What a wonderful week it has been. Just to catch everyone up, two weeks ago we received a new addition to our home, our new little daughter. I also completed my summer semester successfully and commenced fall semester, initiating my final two semesters. Now, that you know what is going on, I had to write about the one person who has been my support, my best friend, my comforter (other than the Holy Ghost), my other half, and my inspiration.

Our Love Story

I am a hopeless romantic. My life and my expectations have always been different. I always pictured how meeting my future wife would be. I’d be in a local social location, a bar, and when I look across the room, I see this beautiful woman and after much debating with my friends and them building up my confidence, I finally make my way over to get to know her and we go out on couple of dates and fall deeply in love. If this sounds familiar? Well, it’s like every plot of a romantic movie or TV show. Well that is how my mind works, but I’ll make a separate blog for that one.

So, pinpoint me to the Bountiful Temple. I went to consult with the Lord to see how to get out of my rut I was in. After concluding my personal prayer, the situation described above, occurred. This beautiful girl walks into the room (queue I can’t fight this feeling anymore by REO Speedwagon), and her slow walking to find a seat. I never saw her before and I wanted to see if my father (1st counselor of the bishopric) knew who she was. “Dad, who is that girl over there?”, “Oh, that is sister Allred’s sister” he replied. Well, now the question was “who sister Allred is?” haha Well, unlike the movies, I didn’t get the courage to speak to her that day but started plotting to at least get acquainted with this person.

That Sunday, it was testimony meeting at church and guess who shared her testimony? You guessed it that girl, like fate was telling me, here is your chance. Side note: because I was in a rut, I was feeling very nostalgic for my Mission. I was about to complete a year from being home and I was missing being out in the field. Anyhow, during her testimony she shared where she was from…the same country where I served my mission. Boy, was fate really confirming that I needed to talk to this girl. Sadly, after sacrament she disappeared, and I couldn’t find her at all. She apparently was with her current boyfriend she had here in the states. I was unaware of that, but it worked out for my advantage later.

So, a week passes, and I was wondering how I was going to talk to her. Opportunity arose the coming Sunday, when she was at church alone. I saw this girl walk into the classroom, I noticed she had cut her hair short (pixie cut) and she just looked amazing. I took the lead and complimented her haircut, and then told her I served in Honduras and we just started talking like if we were good friends. And that was the beginning of me falling in love with this amazing girl. Not only was she beautiful, but also intelligent, funny, same taste in music, movies and even TV shows. Fate had finally come, and I knew what I had to do. We even acted like best friends as every activity we went to, we would joke around and share food. Nothing phased us, and it was a true friendship.

I finally got the courage to ask her out on three dates.

First date: Nervous as hell, because I liked her, and it felt just so right, so I didn’t want to screw it up. I took her to go watch a movie (Now You See Me) and she played hard to get. Mainly because she only thought of me as a friend, since she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. And during the time we had met, we acted like best friends, so why would she think of me more than that? Ha Anyways, while on our date, I would try to give subtle hints to try to hold her hand, like I forgot to put lotion, feel…or like, man, my hands are so cold, and she would be like well put them in your pocket or use lotion next time lol. After the movie, while driving her home, I told her how I felt. I like you and have liked you since we first met. She received that message like any girl would, shocked and without words. The only thing she replied was thank you, but what would your ex think. I told her, it didn’t matter. So, she told me let me think about it. (in my head that means, no she doesn’t like you), but she saw my face and told me, I’m not saying no, but not yes either. Well I still had two more dates.

Second date (next day): The following day, I invited her to accompany me to a friend’s beauty pageant. We dressed up nice and watched all the girls who were participating. It was such a great time, she cracked jokes regarding some of their dresses, obviously not my friend, as we were there to support her, but everyone else, yes. She looked beautiful and I still, with no doubt, knew she and I were meant for each other. We went to eat sushi after, and she got to know my friends. It was a fun night, but still no answer whether she like me or not. I didn’t bring it back up because I wanted to give her enough time. So, before the night ended, I invited her on our 3rd date to the temple. She accepted. The first time I took someone to the temple on a date and I couldn’t believe she accepted. Another confirmation of how spiritually fit she was.

Third date (final attempt): We went to the Salt Lake Temple and did one session. It was super packed but being there with her was amazing. We finally made it to the end and I took the opportunity to consult the Lord to see if my pursuing was correct. When I completed my prayer, I felt confirmation that she was the one. However, when I opened my eyes, I didn’t find her because the room was crowded. After a while, I found her and sat next to her, this time I held her hand and did one last prayer to confirm what I had felt earlier was the answer, or my own feelings. When I finished that last prayer, the confirmation was strong that it was not my own, but the Lord answering my prayer. I knew she was the one and that night I wanted to ask her to be my wife, but while we ate at a small meal at McDonald's, she still didn’t tell me if she felt the same way. So, like a coward, I just enjoyed the moment and didn’t ask her anything. Which sucked because she was leaving the coming Tuesday.

Sunday and Monday, we just messaged like normal, but I couldn’t see her, until Tuesday. This was my last chance to tell her how I really feel and take my chance on true love. I finished my exam and headed to see her. We talked, and she was just mean (but like playful). I got her a plastic rose as a metaphor of my love for her will never die, and she tells me she doesn’t like roses lol. I then tell her I want to be with her and she responds saying you are already with me. Haha She really made me fight for it, but eventually I won. How? Well, I chickened out again, and I left to my current job, but I got the courage and made a U-turn, and returned to her. I gave her one big hug and stole a kiss. She stared at me with shock and I looked back at her and told her how I felt. We kissed again, this time she kissed back, and, in my head, fireworks were exploding and everything I had felt just rushed with emotions.

Our love story began with a solid friendship and has continued to be the same. I am glad that I fought to get this wonderful girl. My wife has been my rock and my motivation, since the first time I laid my eyes on her. She is the one person who fully understands me and my crazy quirks but continues to love me full heartedly. She is my better half and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her support.

To my amazing wife: I will always fight for you! I love you!

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