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Opportunities to be Grateful

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Ever since I began this blog, I have been constantly looking daily for things to be grateful for. My family, my wife, my daughters, my parents, my in-laws, my siblings, my work, my school, my car, and many things that if listed, would be a long post.

However, I just wanted to briefly share an opportunity I had, which I am grateful I experienced. During the summer, I took on a 2nd job at night. The job in itself was not difficult, it was the time that was brutal. Having to balance, a full time job, and summer semester, was not easy, it sure brought me to realize what I can do when I put my mind to it.

I worked in the custodial services at the LDS Conference Center. While cleaning is not my cup of tea in the morning, getting to meet new people and seeing the whole building from behind the scenes, was very fascinating.

If you didn't realize it yet, most of the buildings owned by the church are cleaned at night, some during the day, but all cleaned by men and women who have one goal in sight, other than financial needs. That goal is to leave the place clean, as if the Lord were coming to visit.

Why such a goal? Because many members and non members from all over the world come to these buildings to learn more about the Church, and being in these buildings, it must be filled with the Holy Ghost. The only way that can happen, is if it is all cleaned and organized properly.

I worked in many different areas around the Conference center. Every time I cleaned, I imagined my life as these locations. Daily they get used and become dirty and must be cleaned to remain the shine they had in the morning.

The Lord does the same with me. As the day goes by, it is filled by many trials, mistakes, shortcomings, and sins. To clean us from such things, we must allow the Lord to come into our lives and clean away the filth of the day.

One area I cleaned, had a nice view of the Temple. I took the opportunity to take a picture of myself, as a reminder. As I clean His sacred buildings, He is also cleaning me.

This opportunity helped me get back on track spiritually, as never in my life, at a job, have I started with a prayer and a spiritual thought.

I looked forward every night for such occasions, because in those moments, I was being spiritually fed, and it really felt good.

Though it only lasted a couple of months, I am grateful for working near the Temple and getting my view back onto the Lords path. I am grateful for all the new friends I made and the love and support they provided me in such short time of working there. And for all the laughs, and experiences during events.

For this experience, I am grateful!

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