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Ombu (Korean BBQ) - SLC, UT

Hi everyone!

Korean dramas were introduced to my life by my wonderful and beautify wife. I loved the stories that were told and the great acting by all those involved. However, what intrigued me the most was the food they would eat. It seemed so delicious and fascinating. It was our goal to try it.

Luckily, I was introduced to a place that serves delicious food and a great Korean BBQ experience.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was called into a room filled with many people in a higher position than I was at my current occupation. In front of all those people, I was announced that I had just been promoted to the IT team and my start day was...well that exact moment. ha

It was a really great opportunity, and I was glad to be a part of the IT team. To celebrate my promotion, the whole team was taken out to go eat at a Korean BBQ place located in Salt Lake City.

And that is how I was introduced to Ombu.

Ombu is located 1438 S State St., SLC, UT which is a great place for a restaurant. The

workers are all friendly and they are good at explaining how it all works.

How does it work?

You are first seated by one of the waitresses and provided the menu. The menu has all the meat they provide and other dishes that are to your liking.

It is an "all you can eat" function where you order the plates of meat and while they prepare it, they turn on the flame for the grill located in the middle of your table.

They provide you tongs to cook the meat and so you can serve it to your table

While you wait for your meat to arrive at your table, you are given your drinks and the the sides you can add to your entrees. This includes kimchi, which is even more delicious in person than imagining the taste of it via by proxy from the shows we had watched.

They then bring the meat in plates ready for you to just add it to the grill and watch it cook and get it ready to your liking.

Once you finish one round, you can order as many as you can stomach.

Which if you are someone like me, means you can stomach a lot. lol

My Thoughts?

My first experience there was so great that I had to bring my wife, being that she was the one who got me interested in such culture. So, on a special occasion, I took her on a date and brought her to Ombu. She immediately fell in love with the place.

All the menu items are delicious, including their kimchi rice and calamari. They even have delicious fried shrimp and French fries for those wanting to take your kids who are not as adventurous with their food as you are. It is also fun for the kids to watch the food being cooked right in from of them, and like my daughters, they want to help cook the meat even though they won't eat some of it. They just like being the ones who cook the food for everyone.

We have tried most everything on the menu since we have been there multiple times, but our favorite is the marinated short ribs that are so delicious to the taste.

The marinate they have these ribs on is just so tasty and as you cook the smell is so breathtaking that your mouth starts filling up with saliva and you start feeling hungry as you want to eat it raw.

Cook it well, and it will be even a grander treat.

Anytime I am asked what good places to go and eat in Salt Lake City, I make sure to mention this fantastic restaurant.

After much time, I decided to write this article for all those planning on visiting Salt Lake City in this year or the year to come, if you are wanting to eat at a great place and experience some culture amongst what all Salt Lake City is, then you must go to Ombu!

You will like it! I guarantee it!

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