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Not a Handyman

This past week I had an opportunity to do some handyman work in my own home. But I have a confession to make... I am not a handyman.


For those who know me, it does not come as a shock. For those who do not know me quite as much, this could either shock you or not matter at all.

No matter what you think, I just have not taken much interest in fixing things around the house. I have been taught how to fix simple things around the house but when it came to big projects, since it was not a fascination of mine, it would go in one ear and out the other. My wife is more fascinated and more equipped to fix things and create things from scratch.

And those who expect me to be interested in such things because I am a "man" and it is the "man" thing to do, have an outdated perspective of what it means to be a "man".

I am not saying that I do not ever want to learn to do grand projects in my home and build something from scratch because I love the feeling you get after you complete it. I am just not coordinated to keep the attention to detail which in turn comes out to not be done perfectly well. But what I detest the most? The labor.

For my profession, I currently work as an IT Specialist. I do have to create projects and I used a lot of attention to detail, but I am using my computer to do a lot of it. It does require work and skill, but not much labor.

So, this weekend a good friend, after his discussion with my handywoman of a wife, came to help us with one of her projects.

I was not expecting to help because since she is the handywoman and way more knowledgeable than me, I thought she would assist. However, that was not what happened.

I was put in a position that I had to do something I was not fond of doing and had to force myself to do labor on a nice weekend to just relax.

Do not get me wrong I am glad I had my friend come and help because I did not know how to do jacksh*t, and he did much the labor as I was just the glorified assistant. ha-ha. The good thing was how he did things finally stuck this time.

But god it was so tiring and gruesome! Multiple trips to Home Depot, Lowes, and a Plumbing store near me to get the correct material. And I am still not done... A lot more labor to go through.

I am not saying that I am completely off from doing these things, but if I wasn't expected to do things perfectly than it would be fun, but all projects at home must be done with great coordination, that I lack.

In High School, I made a clock from scratch. I took my time and followed instructions to a "T" and what was my grade? A "B" or for those who do not use letters for grades, 85 %. I only had the materials given, so if I messed up, I could not get another piece to do it better. Alignment was off and some things were not cut perfectly. That is how I knew I was not meant for such things.

I am improving little by little. Every day is a new day so maybe one day it will click, and I will be the handiest man alive. But, knowing the truth I just was not born to be a handyman.

Now, for those men who are like me, born to not be a handyman. Do not feel ashamed. We are still men. Not having the ability, coordination, or wit to fix things or create things from scratch does not make us less of a man. We are still men! And those friends who are handy will be more than willing to help us. Rely on your resources.

So, be proud! Because together we stand!

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