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Next Adventure!

Hello everyone!

Let me fill you in on what has occurred this past week. I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies with an interpreting emphasis and boy does it feel good. Finally, one chapter of my life is complete. So, what's next?

These last months I was contemplating on what happens next, and I have some clue of what is next, but the rest, after a long time of being guided by a schedule, I just want the next chapter to be unplanned.

When I mean unplanned, I just want the next part of my life to take me to new adventures with my lovely family. I am tired to being told where I have to be and when and stuck on a tight schedule. So, now that I don't depend on school any more, I just want fate to take my family and myself to new heights.

I also have more time to dedicate to my hobbies that I had put on hold due to all the craziness in my life. Stay tuned to covers that will come on a consistent basis and my blog that will now be posted weekly.

I am ready for a new adventure, where ever life takes me.

#newadventure #newchapter #fate

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