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New Year, Just Me!

Happy new year everyone!

2021 has ended and boy was it a long season 2 of 2020. However, seeing that it was season 30 of my life, it had its many ups and downs, and lots of adventures and disappointments.

But with a new year now commenced, that means, new goals, and "a new me?" other words, changing who I am to be something I am not. right?

At least that is how I would see the new year resolutions. More of a becoming someone different.

Well, this year, its different. I am working on the true meaning of a resolution.

What is that meaning?

Centering in a genuine and sincere love for myself.

"Not again!" I can hear you all saying. But this time I mean that in order to set goals and to improve in life and in the year, the goals must be centered in a true love for myself that leads me to want the best for me.

Luckily, I am pursuing that cause and as I gain more love for myself, I find who I am and work to be the person I want to be in this world.

May 2022 be a great season 31 for me!

And a great new year for you all!

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