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My Top 10 Kodaline Songs

Let me introduce you to my favorite band of all time. Now, I am a fan of music and have multiple favorite singers, bands, groups, etc. But this band, is different.

My true friends would remember my favorite Latin band was Aventura (before they broke up). I knew all their songs, at least most, and a good part of their history.

Time has past and I have opened my playlist to a lot of different indie bands, and that is how I came to know this band Kodaline.

An Irish band from Dublin. They set off originally named 21 Demands, but later in 2012 changing their name to Kodaline, have created music that really speaks to the soul. Obviously, this is my opinion, but their songs always come with a special message that moves anyone's emotions.

Though all their songs are fantastic, I decided to list my top 10 favorite songs from Kodaline. I will provide the music video and the reason why it is in my top 10.

10. Follow your Fire

This song comes to number 10 because it brings you back to the questions you ask about your past that everyone denies, because the past stays in the past. However, I know i'm not the only one wondering if that person you once knew when you were young had achieved the dreams you would talk about. Maybe you know, or you'll never know, but you always wonder if they did follow their fire.

9. One Day

At number 9, One Day focuses on living each day, one day at a time, getting through each days trial and finding purpose of it all. Man, if this isn't you, than congrats on having your sh*t together, but for me, with school, work, and family, finding purpose can be difficult. Especially, when it seem that it is all just passing by too quickly. To all of us fighting the good fight, Keep going.

8. Ready

Number 8 is Ready. The video focuses on an injured jockey, who, though his injury, prepares himself to get back on the horse.

Life really can bring us many obstacles to stop in our tracks and give up, but it is up to us to either choose to give up or get ready to push harder. Like the song says, If we fall, i'll be ready to crawl. You only lose, when you stop moving. So, if you have fallen, get up and get back on the horse (pun intended).

7. High Hopes

Number 7 begins to link with many of my blog topics. High Hopes takes you to ask yourself, will the world keep spinning when all is said and done?

The video has a great twist to it, but the question still continues. When it is all said and done, will the world keep spinning? Some blogs have that intonation and wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel. We all know there is, or at least have high hopes that there is.

6. The Answer

Number 6 gets you to understand the concept cause and effect. You control your decisions, but not the consequence that comes from it.

It really talks to me as I have always been one to act out and hate the consequences that followed because they were uncontrollable. Even till this day, I see the consequences of things that I do. My blog is not to provide an answer, but to discuss it all. Again, you can choose how you react to things, but not the consequences.

5. Head Held High

Have you just felt like you do not want to continue going with no light at the end of the tunnel? Feel defeated and lost? Well you are not alone.

And this song is perfect to get you inspired. Just like High Hopes, this one focuses on keeping our head held high during all the trials. I have seen the difference between, smiling through it all, and not, and I prefer to smile through it all because it will always get better. So all we have to do is keep our head held high.

4. The One

This one connects to the blog Our Love Story. Even after four years and a half and the many times we dispute, she(my beautiful wife) always makes me feel amazing. Since, I met her I always knew she was the one and that feeling has never changed.

This song, I dedicate to her because she makes my whole world feel so right, when it feels wrong, and that is why I know she is the one.

3. I wouldn't Be

My wife brings out the best of me daily and I am grateful for all that she does. However, I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for all those people in my life.

For my mother who has always believed in me, a father who taught me to be strong, a sister who through her understanding, has been and is my best friend because we have always been on the same team. And to all those that kept me flying when I felt like falling, my best friends, strong acquaintances and family members, thank you. I wouldn't be who I am without all of you.

2. All I Want

Now, this song, you all may think, well, no one has left you, so why is this song on your top 10. Well, this song still hits me because in my dark times, I felt alone and that no one was there. And all I ever wanted was for someone to come to me and let me know it was all going to be okay.

This part 2 video is also good to see how important are all the people or pets in our life. Don't take it for granted.

1. Brother

On number 1 comes the song Brother. Even though I have described my brother to be a bully and could sound to have blamed him for my emotional state, I really never could have been here without my brothers.

I never realized it until I was older, but they were always there protecting me. They knew my mind was not able to handle tough situations, like my parents fighting or divorce, or even heart break. They always comforted me when all felt low, even though, at that time I didn't notice it. Even now, I can see how they are ready to lend a hand when I am in need.

I love my siblings and I wouldn't be anywhere without our strong bond. So, like they have always protected me, I have and am always willing to protect them. This song, and the video fully describes my love for my siblings and how lost I would be without them.

Well, there you have it. My top 10 songs from Kodaline. Watch the videos, listen to the messages and trust me, you will learn to love their songs too!

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