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Make a Choice!

You all know, as I know, that everyday is filled with choices. The choice to wake up in the morning. The choice to get up out of bed. The choice to do something productive. The choice to be lazy. Etc.

We constantly choose something everyday, whether its for good or bad. If it's for good, we celebrate and come out joyful of our choice, but if it is bad, we constantly complain about the situation it put us in.

It doesn't matter what you decide or what you don't, just know that if you want something to change...if you want something to improve...if you want to be in a better place than where you currently are, YOU have to decide that you WILL NOT remain in the same place.

YOU WILL move! YOU WILL fight! YOU WILL work to achieve that you wish to achieve!

In all, YOU have the power to choose whether you remain complacent or make a difference.

YOU choose!

#powertodecide #motivational #makeadifference

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