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If Only My Life Were A Non-Stop Music Video

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

This week I wanted to focus on what goes through my mind everyday.

It doesn't matter what I am doing during the day, whether it is traveling to school, at school, working, at home, etc. Whenever I am listening to music, I start imagining the video I would do for such song, and/or in my current spot, what video could I make that includes the whole surroundings.

I am always the singer (of course), and everyone else is in tuned to what is happening(back up dancers). There are camera's in every location to grab the correct angle of each scene.

Each video is epic and not only shows my talent as a singer and creativity as a producer, but also a wonderful story that impacts everyone emotionally(hopefully). Producer, you ask? I have two dreams, to have my own studio so I can record and produce music, and also direct, produce, and edit film. So yes, a creative producer.(chuckle)

Now, to illustrate how it works, I will describe how I view both set of videos. The first would be just imagining how I would make the video. The second would be how it would apply to my current location.

First Video

The Song "I Wouldn't Be" by Kodaline

At the beginning of the song I would be standing inside a home in the main hallway. I would start to sing staring at the wall. Camera is facing me and when I sing "and you'll always be my mother" the camera would change view, showing the side of my face and the wall full of pictures of my mother.

I start walking down the hall towards the front door and the angle of the camera is still focused on the side of my face as I continue singing and on the wall it is showing pictures of my father(all these pictures of course would be family pictures as well).

Now, In front of the door, I get a notification from Facebook "you have some memories", I open my phone, singing the next verse and it is showing pictures of my sister and I and all the adventures we have gone through together. The camera is facing forward in an angle that shows both the phone and my face. I then get a text from my wife "We are at (friends place), come over"

I then open the door, I start singing the bridge, camera zoomed out to see me walking slowing to my car, I stare at my car and decide to walk.

Heading to the destination, I hum or continue with the song, as I walk through a calm suburban neighborhood. I arrive at the location and head to the fence, to enter to the back yard.

I then walk in to see my friends and family together. It was a surprise party for me, and the scene goes into slow motion as my eyes water up and I sing the last verse. and the scene slowly fades as I go into the crowd to hug and thank everyone.

Second Video

Song "Lose Yourself to Dance" by Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams

Setting: Utah Valley University Library and Campus.

After studying for an exam, and fully stressed. I look up from my desk and see other students with the same look. Queue song. I step away from my desk, stretch, while everyone is looking at me.

I then start to sing going to some students who look very stressed. I start to dance when the chorus is sung "lose yourself to dance". Everyone at first, looks puzzled, but then one by one, they start joining.

I then continue out of the Library and head down to the hall way, to all the other students studying in the hall. And invite them to "lose yourself to dance". Continue through LA building and getting everyone to dance, to the PE building and to the business building, grabbing everyone who is stuck studying and getting them to loosen up and dance.

During minute 3:31 "bridge" all those that are dancing start heading my direction, where I head to the UCCU Center. Now everyone has filled up the seats and I walk into the middle and start to sing the Verse again.

We now have all students and even faculty in the same room dancing and having fun. All the stress has been removed and we all just lose ourselves to dance.(cheesy ending)

The camera pans out and the phrase "Relax, Refresh, Recharge." pulls up on screen.

Well, these are just examples of what goes through my mind. Most scenarios and stories are fictional to make the story of the song relatable, but are quite fun and at times interesting. The second type of video are spontaneous and on the spot that can change daily according to the specific location and song, and even the mood I am in.

But, to conclude, I believe life would be more interesting if it was a constant music video or musical(not an actual musical, but more like a Glee setting).

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