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How's It Goin'?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to check in.

2020 has really been a year marked down in history for a year to forget. And as we come to the conclusion of this year, I wanted to see how you are doing.

Are you okay? Did you survive Thanksgiving? How was it?

For those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, how has it been? Work is good?

Let's have a conversation.

Comment on this post and we can talk and get to know each other.

Why do this?

Because sometimes we just need to talk or have a conversation with someone. If that is what you need, don't be afraid to comment. I will respond quickly.

We need to understand that has a human race, we are here together and we are not alone. It is time we connect and become one and lift those who need it.

I have left you with 3 different challenges and I hope you are taking them well. If you are unaware of those challenges let me list them off.

Challenge 1: Interview yourself every day and tell yourself why you are qualified to have a great day or why you deserve to get what you want. "Speak Good About Yourself Always"

Challenge 2: Be grateful for everything you have. Take time to look at all the things you have and be grateful of the progress you have made. "Gratitude for Fortitude"

We recently received an invitation from the prophet of God to express our gratitude and flood social media with it. I know many found it to be bombarding, but for others it was a great way to see that among the chaos and uncertainty, there is joy when we are grateful.

Challenge 3: Do something you love. Take time to find something that you enjoy doing. I emphasis to not call this a hobby. This is something you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Once you know what that is, take time every day or at least once a week to do it constantly. "Do What You Love"

I made these challenges to help us look at how great we are as an individual, to see that we have been moving forward even it we feel stuck, and to do something that makes us shine our true beauty.

I hope you have been doing these challenges and have been feeling your true self emerge from where it was hiding.

And know, that a new year comes and its okay to start over. It’s okay to reinvent yourself. It’s okay to be you.

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