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Gratitude for Fortitude

Hi Everyone!

I hope this past week you have been interviewing yourself and growing your self-esteem because you honestly deserve to love yourself more than anything in the world.

If you haven't partaken in the challenge, you can find it on my post "Speak Good About Yourself", then I extend it to you this week as well as another challenge to help along your journey to a full self-love.

We all can agree that Thanksgiving 2020 will be the shortest gratitude list ever to be, if there is even a list, made. We probably have a longer list of how this year was the worst rather than what good came out of this year. I know I do.

However, in the middle of interviewing myself, I asked myself one question "If you could describe what you are thankful for this year, what would you say?" And honestly, I couldn't answer that.

I stumped myself lol

So, I took some time to ponder about what good has this year really brought me. And although I have heard that you should always be grateful for what you have, and I also preached it (missionary), I just never had to be grateful amongst so much difficulty.

It was a challenge for me to even begin to be grateful, but I finally looked at all the good I had in my life, compared it to where I was 6 years and a half ago to now and I could finally answer that question.

You may feel the same. How can you be grateful when it all seems to be going bad? I am no expert and like you am learning to find the simple things to be grateful about, so here is my next challenge.

As you continue to tell yourself why you are qualified to be you and why you should have all good things come to you, look at your life and measure it from 5 years ago, or even 10 years ago. See how life has changed and how even though you may not see it, you have moved forward, and you are in a better spot than you were back then.

Now, take time to be grateful of all the things you have and the experiences you lived. When

you do, you will learn that you have many things to be grateful for, and that your journey is not over yet!

You can make it through whatever trial you are going through because you made through already for 5 or even 10 years or longer.

So, take this week to find all the things you are grateful for and you will see that Gratitude will lead to fortitude!

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