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Everything Happens For A Reason

Starting this new year, I have committed to looking at everything in a positive perspective. So, to make sure that happened I have focused on understanding God's will.

Whether you believe in God, a superior being, or in anything really, the concept of understanding why some things occur is something we all must come to realize. For many years, taking last year as an example, I would just ask "Why is this happening to me?" "Why me?!" obviously, I was asking the wrong question and hoping for a right answer or one that I wanted.

I had to find the right question for the right answer, and that came from my personal study of the words of the prophets of old (scriptures in layman's terms).

I finally understood one thing, the thing, I didn't want to realize or accept, but there is a time for everything.

When things happen, it is because you must take from that a lesson learned and have faith it will all work out in the end, according to the timing of your life.

This year already gave me a trial of faith. And though, in my mind I wanted to doubt that everything was going to work out. My heart told me to have faith, for there is nothing impossible for the Lord.

I leave that thought to you all. Nothing is impossible! Time will always tell! Have patience, as I am learning to have, and it will all work out exactly how it should. (Even if sometimes it's not what you wanted, it will always lead you to something better)

#patience #alwaysareason #nothingisimpossible

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