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Do What You Love

Hi All!

I hope you have been filling your days with the challenges I have provided you. As well as reminding yourself that it is okay to not be perfect.

This week as you and I continue our journey to a full and bountiful self-love, there is one thing I discovered that will help you get closer to said goal.

It is something simple but also difficult.

What is that thing?

Do something that you love!

The term that is usually used is "hobby", something that you do in your free time that is enjoyable. But honestly, it is the one thing that defines you, the thing that makes your personality shine, that brings you joy, and can even be a stress reliever.

It's simple to know what it is because it is something that comes naturally.

However, if you don't know what that is yet, then it becomes difficult. Not because it is hard to find it, but you will go from one thing to another until you find the one thing that fits perfectly.

It can cause stress trying to find it and even trying to make time to do it, but remember, we are not supposed to be perfect so trial and error will be the key.

Just know that even though it may take time to find it, when you do, don't let anything stop you from doing it.

This specific thing will bring out something genuine. Something you lost all these years. Something that knows you best. The real You!

And that is the ultimate goal!

So, go out and find that one thing that you enjoy and do it!

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