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Consistency is Key

Day 2 at the gym had me reflecting a lot. As I was working out, I would constantly stare at myself in the mirror. Not because I was so mesmerized by my good looks, but mainly because I wished the results from day 1 were instant. That I would able to see it my stomach going down. Or my arms gaining its shape.

It isn't that way. I know it. We all know it. Being healthy and losing weight all come with a consistent attempt to make it happen. It is not something that happens overnight. It takes days, months, weeks, and even years to achieve a complete change.

Especially that I am just beginning and where I am now has been the biggest and the heaviest, I have ever been. I know it will take me more dedication and will power to make it happen.

I won't give up though, even when my emotions are on a high.

#noquitting #consistency.

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