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Church Will Never Be the Same

During my mission and even when I came back from my mission, I had always told myself that I would pay attention in church or conferences because there was always something I could learn to apply to my life.

And so far, for 3 years, it was working.

Until I had kids...

Yesterday was stake conference and even though my wife and I had prepared with everything imaginable to keep our wee lassies entertained...coloring books, snacks, puzzles, toys, you name was not enough.

Allie got bored quickly and tried constantly to escape from where we were sitting, and Chloe would want to go wherever her little sister was going.

So, how did it end?

We left at an hour and 5 minutes.

Now, am I disappointed that I couldn't pay attention to the conference or that church would never be the same? No. I finally understood the responsibility, chaos, and joy it is to have my wee lassies and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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