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Be You!

This past Friday I found a quote which later I posted on IG and FB that said "You don't have

to be perfect to be amazing!" I shared it then because it really spoke to me. I share it now for everyone who needs to hear/read this.

In a world that asks for only perfection to be amazing, it can have a toll on anyone mentally.

All my life I have lived with anxiety to reach perfection. I did not notice it then, but now I sit and recall the many times I was frustrated with myself due to not doing, acting or being perfect.

All I wanted was to be or at least feel amazing. That feeling has carried on throughout my whole life. I rarely recall a time that I felt amazing, however, the times that I do remember the feeling was when I stopped caring about being perfect and just was myself. It felt like I had no care in the world and that I could take on anything, if I believed in myself and did it in the way that came more naturally.

Maybe you have felt the same way, or maybe you have never had a moment where you felt amazing, well, I'm hope you take something from are amazing just the way you are! Yes, it is a Bruno Mars song, and something you tell your wife or significant other when they ask for your opinion on the outfit they are wearing, but it is 100% true.

Do not let society dictate who you are and what you need to do to be amazing, just be you and voila! You are amazing! You are beautiful! You are handsome! You are loving!

Do not sell yourself short. You were born amazing! Now, just be you and it will show, and you will shine like the stars shine at night!

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