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Be Careful With Your Posts!

Hi everyone!

Well this week brought up something quite interesting which makes a perfect topic for these times.

I am a thriving entrepreneur, looking to get big in social media, from IG, YouTube and even TikTok.

I honestly have not been consistent enough which is improving day by day. However, I look to do these because I enjoy making videos and just having a good time.

So, you all are thinking, well what was quite interesting last week then?

I made a video that could or may have come out as a shock or offense. The video has since been deleted, but for those many who viewed it I provide my sincere apology.

For those who did not, I will recap what was the video.

It was on TikTok and shared on IG and FB stories with a duration around 36 seconds. On IG and FB stories it was 15 seconds. The song in video was "Motivation" by T.I. The first scene, I was sitting at the edge of my bed in my underwear, as the song started. Second scene, I then get up and commence getting changed to get ready to go work out. Last scene, I was fixing my hair.

My goal was to show that I was getting up and getting motivated to change my unhealthy habit to a healthy habit.

However, the message did not come in clear.

Though my message was not aimed to come out creepy or inappropriate I was told it was not right to post a video being half naked in my underwear. I have church members, leaders, youth I used to lead, and kids following me on these platforms and seeing the rise of pedophilia, that video could come out incorrect and wrong. Which honestly, it did not come to me at the time I made the video.

I saw the error of my way and quickly removed the video from all platforms. I erred and to err is human. But I realized that I must really be more careful when creating videos or posting anything in general. I must be aware of my audience and make sure to make it appropriate.

Be that as it may...

It came to my mind, that it was odd that my video came out as an offense or inappropriate when there are much worse ones out there.

And it clicked...

If I were not obese, like imagine a very built man, like this guy on the right, you know like I know that this would not have been an issue. Everyone would have received the message and it would have come out positive as I had intended.

But that wasn't my story, why? Because nobody likes to see a fat man in his undies. It's not attractive and comes out wrong.

Well that video was a debut of me getting my life back together and starting the process back to a healthier, happier, and a more fit me.

Watch out world cause soon me being shirtless will no longer be gross!

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