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Arches National Park with Kids

Hi everyone!

This past Labor Day weekend, my wife and I decided to have an adventure with the fam and take them to the Arches National Park.

This would be the first time for all of us, so it was going to be an exciting adventure.

The experience led me to think of all those who wanted to do this same type of road trips although they can be challenging for little kids, you can still make it fun for them and enjoy exploring a new place.

1. Book a Hotel

I love camping and any time we get a chance, we go camping with the girls. However, realizing that we would be hiking a lot, I didn't want to spend time setting up a tent or building a fire to remain warm.

We located a hotel in Moab on main street that was close to restaurants so that we could grab a bite to eat if needed and didn't have to travel far.

This allowed us to not have to worry so much about putting things away.

2. Choose the right spots

There are so many locations to see in the park and that can be overwhelming at best. But I would say to find the spots that will suit your kids and won't tire them out.

My daughters are 6 and 3 years old, so doing a long hike was out of the question. So the best places to go that don't have a long walk?

The Windows and Double Arch

Balancing Rock

The Devil's Garden

Delicate Arch lower viewpoint.

3. Snacks and Plenty of Water

They key element to making your trip fun is to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks. Even take a sack lunch meal so that you can take stops during your hike and be able to appreciate the beauty around you, but also get your energy up to complete your day.

4. Just have Fun

And overall, just remember that you are there to have an adventure and adventures are messy, fun, and tiring. So, take your time to enjoy the lovely family moment and make new experiences.

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