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All for Love - Review

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hello Everyone!

This week I wanted to tackle my review of a Netflix Original "All for Love".

This is a Colombian novella and to me was very interesting and entertaining. The story was very catchy, and their dialect is wonderful!

I recognized two actors from previous series, Ana María Estupiñán, who I know from "The Girl" another great series! And, Yuri Vargas, who I know from "Lady, the Rose Vendor", a very interesting series as well.

With them you get a great cast who makes this series flow perfectly to keep you engaged and have your emotions on a roller coaster.


It starts off when Joaquin Herrera (Carlos Torres) returns from the army to his home ranch and is greeted by his mother and young sister, Alba (Valeria Galviz). He notices that his land has been taken over by a drug dealer (Lauras) who moved into the house behind them. When Joaquin tries to take matters into his own hands, they Laura's strike back by burning the home and kidnapping Alba.

Joaquin goes to save her, which he does, but ends up getting shot in the process. Is that the end already? Nope, just first episode of a 69-episode series. The neighbors find Alba and send her to Bogota to escape the Laura's. Joaquin lives and after burying his mother, goes to Bogota to find his sister.

And that is when we get introduced to Irene (Ana María) who is a fruit vendor but also a singer striving to get her big break. She befriends Joaquin at an internet store, and she joins to help him find his sister.

Meanwhile, Alba trying to cope with being sexually molested by the Laura's son and believing her family was dead, ends up getting a job at a strip club. A strip club ran by the meanest and the baddest of all drug leaders Los Delios.

Irene and Joaquin become the protagonists of the story as they both fall in love and end of getting married. However, their love is torn apart due to Joaquin being a great mechanic, finds work at a chop shop run by the Quinteros who work for Los Delios.

After making some incorrect decisions, Joaquin finds himself involved with business and remains there when Delio (Mario Duarte), The boss, wants to kill Irene for losing business, since she worked diligently to stop all sorts of crime around the market where she and all her friends and family work. To save her life, Joaquin offered up his service and goes deeper into the crime life.

This is the bases of the whole series and I won't divulge any more details as I want you all to take the time to watch it and fall in love with the characters and even get upset with them as well, so that the finale can have the correct amount of emotion.

My Review

I really liked the show. The beginning of the show already had me entangled into the story and wanting Joaquin to find Alba again. As each episode introduced more and more characters, it was nice to see how each character had their role and made the show comedic, dramatic, and even romantic.

You had all types of characters in the spectrum. Those you hated and did not trust, those you loved and felt a connection, and those that you were okay that they were there, but really didn't connect with them at all.

You find loyalty and bravery. Bravery to stand up to delinquents and do what is right, when it even affects the person you love most.

Also, you see the determination to never let go of your dreams no matter what it takes. Irene, fights for her dream to become a famous singer and though she hits lows to the point her career had come to a stop. She still got up and made it happen to become someone.

I loved how it portrayed the importance of choosing wisely. Each decision you make can have a dire consequence, so be wise. Joaquin learned that the hard way and I feel that at times we fall in the same trap. We make quick decisions that lead us to a path we do not like and then do all possible to get out, while trying to make sure not to dive deeper into the incorrect decision.

This series had a great story that kept you on your feet as you wondered when it was all going to turn out right. And even though it takes some time, it feels so great when you reach the finale and see how they made it end perfectly!

I highly recommend you watch it! It has a great cast! Great story! and great music!

So, enjoy this wonderful series!

Stay tuned to my Vlog as I will be discussing this more thoroughly in Nanni's Corner (Español).

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