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A New Chapter

Hi Everyone!

If you did not notice, I did not post for the last two weeks. I had some things come up and did not make time to write down my thoughts or feelings.

However, since I have more time now, I can bring you a new perspective.

This past week, I was introduced to the ending of a chapter in my life. And when I mean introduced, it was something that came out of the blue. The company I had been with for 6 years and a half decided to part ways with me, leaving me out of a job.

This was the first time I was ever laid off from a job. It was very unexpected and nothing I had planned. It still feels like a dream, like a nightmare and somehow, I feel like tomorrow I will wake up and make it to the meeting I usually had on Monday mornings.

However, the difference between a dream and reality is that reality hurts. I was laid off. It was not a dream. It has all ended.

I really cannot complain much. The company really was a blessing as I went to school and provided many opportunities and learning experiences that I will take with me on my new journey.

That is how I see it now. It took me a couple of days to see it in that way because you want to be angry and feel like it is not fair. I spent those days being upset with God because when all the things seemed like they were fitting into place, I get hit with a new challenge. No break. No mercy.

Why me? Why now? When will it ever be enough?

If you have asked yourself those questions before, then we are on the same page. For those who found an answer, please feel free to comment and share with me your insights. And for those who are still looking for an answer, I have one thing to share with you.

Even though you are filled with uncertainty, please be aware that this is not the end. Yes, it

is the end of a chapter of your life, one you were very well accustomed and comfortable with, but your book continues.

A new chapter has formed, and you are the author. Be brave amongst the uncertainty. Be cheerful amongst the sadness. Be full of faith amongst all the doubt.

We (You and I) will create a new chapter and it will be even better than the chapters before. Learn from your past chapters, but do not remain there. The new chapters will bring you everything you ever hoped for, so, go out and make it happen!

That is what I am working on!

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