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3 Girls & 1 Man - Intro

Hi Everyone!

For those coming in to this post thinking it was going to be raunchy, I regret to disappoint you, but it is nothing close to that.

After my 50th post, I sat down with my wife to discuss this milestone of my life and how excited I was to continue. In midst of our conversation, she looked at me and said, "I love you, but you need to change your topics! All you discuss is how you are a sensitive man, how to be motivated, your viewpoint of movies/TV shows, and your struggle to find yourself. You need to come out with something more original"

She is right! My main goal the first 5o posts was to show you my viewpoint and it still is, however, I went back and could see the repetition of topics and decided to change it up this next part.

Each week I will be filling you in on my experience of living with 3 highly independent, strong-willed girls. Well, 2 girls and 1 woman to be exact.


Let me dive in to how this all began.

If you haven't seen the 4 year anniversary video on my YT Channel or read the post "Our Love Story", I recommend to go view and read them as it explains this beginning part. But let me give you a summarized version.

A handsome boy saw a gorgeous woman and immediately fell in love. Well... at least he did, BUT they became best friends. As their friendship grew, their love grew as well. And after much wooing, the boy won her over. And the rest is history.


Fast forward to a year into our marriage, and I held this beautiful baby girl in my arms. I became a Dad. One of the greatest days of my life. We filled the first 3 years with so much adventure and of course learning steps for both her and I as a new dad. Each year her strong-willed personality being more clear and firm. And me just wanting to keep her safe but also bringing her up to fight so she ain't no one's bitch! ha


3 years later came the 2nd and most troublesome of them all. Adding one more princess to the bunch, making the odds 3:1. Now, because the first had developed quite an independent and strong-will character, she passed it on to the following child.

Which brings me to the...


I am the only man surrounded by 3 strong-willed girls and boy does it bring each day some adventure (I will dive more into this on the upcoming posts).

I remember I told my wife that no woman can command me (other than you and then my first born arrived. Of course, she already commanded much of me by cleaning her diapers, feeding her, bathing her and soothing her when she couldn't sleep.

I became her secretary and she was the Devil that wears Prada! ha

She then started to walk and talk...and I went from secretary to stable boy. "Papi, I want chips!" "As you wish". "Papi, I want jugo!" "As you wish"

And I thought I was saved until her sister came along and then I became secretary and stable boy.

However, I cannot say I regret feeling this way, because though they boss me around, they are the most caring and loving beings I can have in my life.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Stay tuned as I provide more insights week by week of my life as the only man in my household.

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